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3 Jahre Werben ab 1 Euro
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The FAQ page

What is this website doing?

You can buy pixel advertising at
The amount for 3 years of advertising costs only 1 euro per field (can vary depending on the advertising space e.g. 10x10 or 20x20 pixels = 1 euro).
The amount is displayed to you immediately. Minimum booking is 1 euro.

After 3 years, your advertising is back on our website or banners.

You can then book new pixels or stop advertising on our site.
It is also possible to advertise on banners that can be seen on some website builders.
Here you advertise on many thousands of sites.
If you haven't reached us from one of these banners, you can ask us on
which website makers the banners are for.
Experience has shown that you get more clicks on your advertising here.

I wish you success!

How do I pay?

You pay via PayPal.
The amount of advertising increases depending on how many pixels you choose.

The amount to be paid is displayed directly on the page after selecting the advertising space.
We would also be happy to send you our bank address for transferring your advertising booking.

I wish you success!

Do I get an invoice?

No. The effort for a 1 euro invoice is too great.

You can view your PayPal payment as an invoice.
If you still need an invoice, e.g. because you have
booked more fields and the amount is higher than 1 euro,
send us a message (including your billing address) via our
internal website: (Feedback -> Other)

and we will send you a proper invoice.

The invoice amount does not include VAT. No sales tax is shown
on our invoices due to small business taxation in accordance with Section 19 (1) UStG.

I wish you success!

* In theory, no invoices are required for tax-free goods and services.

When do I see my advertisement?

As soon as you have chosen and paid for an advertising space,
all you have to do is wait for our activation.

This is usually done within 1-8 hours and max. 24 hours
You will receive access data for your advertising entry and, if necessary, can. modify.

I wish you success!

How much advertising can I book?

Each pixel advertising space shows how many advertising
pixels you can select for a booking.

I wish you success!

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